Frequently Asked Questions

Wig Maintenance & Styling

Can I use heat tools on my synthetic wig?

That depends on the type of synthetic fibers that your wig was made with. Some synthetic pieces are heat-friendly up to 350 degrees. Others may be damaged from any high heat source. If you are unsure of the type of synthetic fibers in your piece, please contact us before using heat tools. Alternatively, Joi Wig would be more than happy to style your piece with non-heat methods.

Can I use regular hair products on my synthetic wig/hairpiece?

We recommend using products made specifically for use on synthetic fibers. Regular hair products may be too harsh or cause unwanted and difficult to remove buildup. Joi Wig carries a variety of products that are safe to use on all types of wigs/hairpieces.

Do I need special products for my wig?

All wigs/hairpieces will need to be cleaned regularly. You will need a shampoo and conditioner appropriate for the type or hair or fiber in your piece. Other products may be necessary depending on the hair type and style of your piece. Long or curly synthetic pieces that can become damaged with aggressive brushing are easily detangled with a synthetic specific conditioning spray. And human hair products should always be treated with a heat protectant prior to heat styling. If you woudl like suggestions of products to help you protect your investment, give us a call!

Are human hair wigs hard to maintain?

In terms of maintenance, human hair is about the same maintenance as a synthetic wig. However, human hair can require more styling than synthetic hair depending on what type of style you are looking to achieve. We also sell professional canvas block heads that make styling your human hair easier than styling on yourself. For more information on how to style a human hair wig, please refer to the Human Hair Maintenance page under Guides.

Can I use glue on my lace front wig?

Joi Wig only carries glueless lace front wigs. These wigs are designed to stay secure without the use of glues, tape, etc. If you need extra security but do not want to use glue, we recommend using a wig grip under your piece.

How often should I wash my piece?

Wash intervals may vary depending on frequency of wear, activty level, and any other factors that could affect how quickly a piece gets dirty. With average wear, we recommend the following wash intevals: For synthetic hair, we recommend washing after 20 - 25 wears. For human hair, we recommend washing after 15-20 wears.

Is it possible to color or dye synthetic hair?

No, you cannot color synthetic hair. You can only color human hair.

How should I store my wig?

We recommend storing your wig on a wire stand. This allows your wig to keep its shape/style and air out between wears. Wire stands also double as a convenient place to let your piece air dry after washing. You may also store your piece on a foam head. However, foam heads may stretch the wig cap if put on wet to air dry.

Types of Hair

What is the difference between human hair and synthetic hair?

Synthetic hair is made of synthetic fiber. Synthetic wigs are permanently styled and retian their shape after washing. Human hair wigs are made of real human hair. They may be styled in the same way as a natural head of hair and will need to be restyled after washing.

What is the difference between virgin and processed human hair?

Virgin human hair has never been color treated or processed which provides more flexibility and reliebility when chemically treated or colored. Processed human hair has already been chemically treated by the manufacturer to obtain its color or style. This may affect what chemical treatments can be applied reliably.

What is Remy hair?

Remy hair refers to human hair in which the cuticle of each strand has been carefully aligned in the same direction. This provides a more managable and softer wig with less frizz and tangling than non-Remy hair.

General Questions

How long does a wig last?

Wig longevity depends on how well you maintain your wig, the quality of the piece, and the frequency of wear. We cannot guarantee a specific lifespan of a piece because of these subjective factors.

Can I sleep in my wig?

We do not recommend sleeping in your wig. It can be uncomfortable, may tangle, and may decrease the lifespan of your wig.

How much does a wig cost?

Wigs vary greatly in price depending on several factors. The quality of hair, cap, and construction can all make a big difference in how much a piece costs. Please give us a call to discuss the specifics of your needs to determine a price range.

Why shouldn't I purchase wigs on the internet?

Purchasing wigs on the internet can be very risky and difficult. There is no substitute for seeing, touching, or trying on a wig in person. Most wigs need customizing such as cutting, styling, and sizing to fit client's facial features. There are also many fradulent and seemingly cheap sites selling counterfeit or inferior quality wigs. With wigs you truly get what you pay for.

Will insurance cover my wig?

We are currently not an in-network provider with any health insurance companies. Most companies will reimburse a portion of your wig or “cranial prosthesis” for certain diagnosis. Please check with your provider and insurance company ahead of time to verify your coverage.

Can I go swimming in my wig?

We strongly sadvise against swimming in your wig. Pool chemicals and saltwater can damage your wig and decrease its longevity.

Do you have a private room?

Yes, we offer a private room for your comfort and privacy. If you wish to reserve the private room for your consultation, please let us know when you schedule your appointment.

Do you buy hair or take hair donations?

No, we do not buy hair or take donations. Please check out Wigs for Kids under Support, if you wish to donate hair.

How many people can I bring?

As of right now, due to COVID 19, we are allowing a maximum of two guests per client. Masks are required for each individual.

Our Services

Do you offer hair extension services?

No, we do not provide these services. We offer alternatives such as hairpieces and toppers to help with hair thinning.

Can you make wigs from my own hair?

No, we do not offer this service. All of our wigs are supplied by quality manufacturers. We do not manufacture any wigs in house.

Do you offer services for pieces purchased from other retailers?

We may service other retailer's pieces after a condition assessment by one of our consultants or stylists, and the signing of a liability waiver. These case by case services may include cutting, washing, styling, detangling, refreshing, deep conditioning treatments, and de-frizzing treatments for both synthetic and human hair pieces. We also offer coloring, and perming for human hair pieces only if it is determined the piece can withstand processing.

Do you bleach knots?

No, we do not bleach knots.

Do you install wigs?

No, we do not offer install services. All of the pieces we sell can be worn easily and securely without the use glues or other installation methods. If a wig needs a bit more securing, we also offer reliable wig grips that will aid in securing your piece.

Can you color synthetic pieces?

No, synthetic fibers cannot be colored.

What services do you offer?

We offer cutting, washing, styling, detangling, refreshing, deep conditioning treatments, and restoration services for both synthetic and human hair pieces. We also offer coloring, and perming for human hair pieces only if it is determined the piece can withstand processing. Pieces purchased from other retialers will require a condition assessment by our consultants or stylists, and the signing of a liability waiver before services are performed. We also offer size customization services, if needed, for pieces purchased from our salon.


What precautions are in place for COVID 19?

We are open on an appointment only basis with a maximum of two guests per client. ALL customers are required to wear a mask. A separate, private room is available for clients who wish to be cautious. We also offer no contact, drop-off maintenance services, and we have installed a plexiglass barrier at our check out counter. For cleaning and sanitization, we disinfect chairs and equipment in between each client. Our chairs are distanced six feet apart. As usual, we provide a new wig cap for each client, which is included with the purchase of your wig. We have plastic wrapped our styling heads to ensure each wig is serviced on a clean surface.