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How to Put on a Wig

*You do not need a wig cap if you do not want to wear one. Some people may find the wig cap uncomfortable or hot. *

Step 1

Brush your hair back and out of the face. For longer hair, pin up the hair or tuck under a wig cap if desired. 

Step 2

If you purchased a wig grip, please put this on before putting on your wig.  


  • The label should be on the outer righthand side and the velcro part is in the back by the nape of your neck.

  • Pull the end of your wig grip until it is just snug and secure with velcro.


Do not pull the grip too tight or this will result in stretching of the band or make it uncomfortable. 

Step 3

Position the wig upside down so that you are looking at the inside of the cap. 

  • The front of the wig should be the closest side to your body. 

Step 4

Place your thumbs on the ear tabs 

  • The ear tabs are stiffer and thicker material on each side of the wig. They are normally triangular shaped.

Step 5

Place the front of the wig on the middle of your forehead to prevent it from sliding off while you pull down the back of the wig to secure it on the base of your head. 

Step 6

Pull the wig back to your hairline and adjust the ear tabs to ensure they are aligned straight with your temples. 

  • Ensure all lace and hair are NOT tucked under your wig

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