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Synthetic Fiber Care Instructions

Wash every 20 - 25 wears. Frequency of washing may depend on other factors such as perspiration, odor, or use of hair products. 

Cleanse & Condition

  • Gently detangle and lather wig with cool water and wig shampoo in large basin or sink. 

  • Rinse with cool water. Keep hairs flowing in the same direction of "growth." 

  • DO NOT comb when wet. 

  • Gently towel dry hair. 

  • Spray conditioning misting on ends to prevent future tangling. 

Dry & Style

  • Allow piece to air dry overnight. 

  • Use fingertips or wig brush to style as desired. You may use a small amount of wig spray to hold hair in place if necessary. 

  • For longer synthetic wigs, detangle with a wide tooth comb. 

*You may use other wig shampoo besides Jon Reneau, and DO NOT wash your wig as frequently as advised in the video. 

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