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Human Hair Care Instructions

Wash every 15 - 20 wears. Frequency of washing may depend on other factors such as perspiration, odor, or use of hair products. 

Cleanse & Condition: 

  • Gently detangle and brush wig before wetting. 

  • Lather wig with cool water and wig shampoo in large basin or sink keeping the hair in the SAME DIRECTION. 

  • DO NOT swirl or tousle the hair when shampooing as this may result in tangling or matting. 

  • Apply conditioner to the ends of the wig. Avoid conditioner on the lace/cap. 

  • Rinse with cool water and gently pat dry with towel. 

  • Do not allow water to drain from basin, but also do not leave piece submerged. 

*You may use other shampoos and conditioner besides Jon Reneau, and DO NOT wash your wig as frequently as advised in the video. 

Dry & Style

  • Towel dry hair gently. 

  • Gently brush hair to remove tangles starting from the bottom of the hair. If there is a knot, do not continue to tug on it. Try to detangle it with conditioning spray and your fingers. 

  • Before using heat, apply a heat protectant to hair and style as desired. 

  • For straight hair: use a round brush to blow dry

  • For natural wavy hair: use curling cream all over hair, scrunch while wet, then let air dry.

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